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the pillows - NOOK IN THE BRAIN (2017)

Today, 19:10
2017 | Pop | Japanese | Rock | Alternative | FLAC / APE

Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Delicious Label
Genre: Alternative Rock, Power Pop
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Total Time: 31:00
Total Size: 222 Mb


1. ENVY (2:39)
2. 王様になれ (3:34)
3. Hang a vulture! (2:40)
4. Perfect Idea (2:48)
5. Coooming sooon (3:09)
6. She looks like new-born baby (2:48)
7. pulse (4:52)
8. zhelanie (3:35)
9. BE WILD (3:10)
10. Where do I go? (1:45)

The 21st album of the pillows was completed. That name is "NOOK IN THE BRAIN". It means "brainstorm edge" when translating directly, but the theme drawn by composer Sawawa Yamanaka is absolutely unsolvable, uncontrollable fact and I feel not good. . . . How can you make yourself mistaken at such times? If the situation does not change, how will you live happily? It is said that you follow the corner of your brain and change the angle and find pleasure in the brain.

Founded in 1989, always fighting with the gap between the musicality that we want to do and the direction expected of the surroundings, while attaching each by one, while winning the 20th anniversary, the pillows which won the reputation enough to sell Nippon Budokan immediately on the same day . Yamanaka has continued to make songs with the theme of "confronting difficulty with his own style" on that journey. They are suspended as a "band maintenance" in 2012, they have returned to the scene after a rough treatment to break the things that the band's condition, passion is not perfect, the previous work "STROLL AND ROLL ", I made a rock'n'roll album that included a new stance to continue the band for a long time" Let's enjoy walking around like a walk. "

And this book that arrived. The sound has become a new alternative rock album that is different from the type that has been announced several times so far. Mikoto Yoshiaki and the Yamanaka playing tricky and unique guitar entanglement brings out a sound world unbearable in style. Sato Shinichiro's drum that supports original arrangements with outstanding stability is also excellent. It also has a tasteful world of lyrics based on the theme "Following the corner of my brains" as mentioned above. "Throw away a rule book" ("Perfect idea"), singing "Prepare for the world under the control of the brain cells", "Advance delivery single" to become a king "," Enjoy even with a different future from the imagination " She looks like new-born baby "), such as Britain 's EU withdrawal, American presidential election cards victory, Korean presidential impeachment passing, etc, can also be thought of as a philosophy to survive the uncertain era that can not be imagined Would it be exaggerated.

Besides Yamanaka's "BE WILD" written down by Yamanaka for Eri Hayasaka who also released the Japanese women's wrestling excitement afterwards at the Rio Olympic Games at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, also included. A phrase called "Do you want to try reaching the sun that spilled tears ask yourself" The lonely night that you want to escape is reminiscent of "Funny Bunny" that the uphill players have declared as "winning songs" before the convention? Is a masterpiece that delicately depicts the feelings of athletes. Ten songs full of hearing, including a magnificent and impressive number "Pulse" that can enjoy the charm of beautifully cut vocalists in the mountains, "Gelanie" coming with affectionate kindness.
In the 28th year of formation, I began to walk a new horizon the pillows. It is a work that shows lightly to pops the way (including BUSTERS) to go, while catching sensitive winds of overlapping years and times. In the United States, they are scheduled to be appointed to the sequel to "Furikuri" which broadcasting has been decided since the winter of 2017. I am thrilled from now on thinking that the good advancing that swept the world with the alternate sound like "Ride on shooting star" in 2000 will be reproduced.

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mufty77   User offline   Today, 21:12  

Many thanks for lossless.

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